Friday, April 18, 2014

April 20, 2014: Studies and Meditations on this Sundays Scripture Readings

To help us prepare for this coming Sunday, here are the readings, studies and reflections for this coming Sunday's Scripture readings.This Sunday is Easter Sunday, the Resurrection of Our Lord.

Here are the Scripture readings from the U.S. Catholic bishops website.

My own weekly study on the Sunday Readings can be found here at my website.

Here are two short audio reflections on the readings byDr. Scott Hahn, and Fr. Robert Barron.

Scripture scholar Fr. Francis Martin's video meditations on the Sunday Scripture readings can be found here.

Further study resources for the Readings: St. Charles Borromeo Bible Study can be found hereCatholic Matters can be found here, the Catena Aurea ("Golden Chain") of St. Thomas Aquinas can be found here, and the Haydock Commentary can be found hereUnpacking the Old Testament, found here. Scripture reflections from Dr. John Bergsma and Dr. Michael Barber on The Sacred Page can be found here.The Navarre Bible Commentaries on this week's Readings can be found here.

Please consider supporting those who provide these free resources.

Discussion, questions and charitable comments are always welcome. Have a blessed week!

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